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  1. 1.Rhodes Indaba site: The famous anthill, where Cecil Rhodes stood, when he addressed the Matabele warriors to negotiate peace.

  2. 2. Nyunteya Cave: This magnificent cave, about 100m from the road, contains about 13 grain bins, most of who are reasonably intact. Take care not to disturb the bats, which live in the cave.

  3. 3.Overhang: About 50m from the road is 3-grain bins, protected by an overhanging rock.

  4. 4.Deer hunter rock painting: In a small niche, on the face of the rock are bushman paintings of 3 animals, surrounded by what seem to be hunters.

  5. 5.Leopard rock painting: Close to the base of a big boulder is a tiny rock painting of what looks like a fast running leopard.

  6. 6.Dombo rock painting: Some small, but unusual paintings on the eastern side of Dombo mountain, one of which looks a like a person playing the drums.

  7. 7.Rock painting: A small rock painting on the northern slope of Mafushe mountain.

  8. 8.Grain bins: Very well hidden grain bins in a small cave with a tiny entrance.

  9. 9.Rock painting: A tiny bushman painting on the face of a big solitary boulder.

  10. 10.Mafushe cave: A pitch-dark cave, with at least 10-grain bins in fairly good condition. The entrance is small and difficult to find without a guide.

  11. 11.Mafushe pools: On the shoulder of Mafushe mountain, where one can enjoy a breathtaking view of Matopo communal lands, are some shallow pools which keep water for most of the year.

  12. 12. Tshalimbe rock paintings: A delightful site with a magnificent view of a beautiful traditional homestead and Tshalimbe school. The rock paintings are unusual in that they show several large persons, as if painted with the help of a brush, in addition to the usual  ‘stick persons’.

  13. 13.Malunika dam: A recently constructed community dam, the water source of a 6ha community irrigation scheme (under construction). The dam has been stocked with bream and fishing is allowed.

  14. 14.Malunika cave: Only 500m from the dam is a cave with a small but superb painting of a sable antelope and a few partly damaged grain bins. There are some stunning aloe specimens along the way up to the cave.

  15. 15.Grain bin: single isolated grain bins, in a small cave, near a homestead.

  16. 16.Warthog rock painting: A single rock painting of a warthog like animal.

  17. 17.Archers rock painting:  A small bushman painting depicting hunters with bow and arrow.

  18. 18.Manyakavula: A rock overhangs of exceptional beauty, called the Chief’s place, a site of traditional rituals.

  19. 19. Bkobo cave: A large cave with remnants of grain bins, suitable for camping.

  20. 20.Umstshwayeli rock painting: bushman painting of a sable antelope, under an overhang.

  21. 21.Big mbuze cave: A cave with a few unusual paintings of a baboon and a giraffe, suitable for camping.

  22. 22.Cave: A small cave with 2-grain bins and a clay pot.

  23. 23.Orbicular granite site: A rare granite rock formation with rounded (orbicular) intrusions, a geological mystery.